You can install delfi by cloning from the GitHub repository and using pip:

git clone
cd delfi
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -e .

Installing delfi as described above will automatically take care of the requirements. In total, this installation will typically take less than a minute.

Small print

delfi is written for Python 3 and not compatible with older versions.

Core dependencies are the packages theano and lasagne. For lasagne, delfi relies on the development version of lasagne (0.2dev) rather than the stable version (0.1) that is available through pip.

To use the APT inference algorithm with Gaussian or Mixture-of-Gaussians proposals, you will likely need to make openblas available for theano. If openblas is missing on your system and you happen to use Debian/Ubuntu you can install it with sudo apt install libopenblas-dev.