We seek to understand how populations of neurons collectively process sensory input, perform computations and control behaviour. To this end, we develop statistical models and machine learning algorithms for large-scale analysis of neural data, and collaborate with experimental laboratories performing measurements of neural activity and behaviour.


We develop statistical models for the analysis of neural and behavioural data.

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We share code for many of our publications.

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Workshop at NIPS

Brains and Bits; Neuroscience Meets Machine Learning - 2016-08-26

Together with Allie Fletcher (UCLA), Eva Dyer and Konrad Koerding (Northwestern), Jascha Sohl-Dickstein (Google Research) and Joshua Vogelstein (John Hopkins), Jakob is organising a two-day workshop on Brains and Bits: Neuroscience Meets Machine Learning at NIPS 2016. It’s all happening on Friday-Saturday, December 9th-10th, 2016, in Barcelona. We have an exciting line-up of speakers from machine learning, computational neuroscience and computer-science:

Deadline for submissions is 29/09/2016– we will have both posters and contributed talks!

More instructions and information on the workshop website.

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