Open positions

Open positions are advertised here and on twitter.

October 2021: Postdoc and scientific programmer positions in simulation-based deep learning

We are currently seeking postdocs and scientific programmers to develop the ultimate deep-learning based analysis software for SMLM (single-molecule localization microscopy) and a toolbox for simulation-based inference, jointly with Jonas Ries. Positions in our group in Tübingen should have an interest in simulation-based AI (e.g. simulation-based inference, Bayesian optimization, reinforcement learning) – prior experience in computational microscopy is helpful but not required.

For more details, please see full description or tweet.

PhD Students & Postdocs

We recruit PhD students through the IMPRS Intelligent Systems and the IMPRS Mechanisms of Mental Function and Dysfunction (deadlines typically in November).

We are sometimes able to accept postdocs (or students outside of the IMPRS application cycles), even when we do not have positions advertised. If you are interested in working with us, please send an inquiry to, with subject “Inquiry: research position at MLS Tübingen”. Please include a CV and a brief description of research interests and why you would want to work with us. However, please understand that we are not able to respond to the majority of inquiries, especially for unadvertised positions.

B.Sc., M.Sc. theses, student jobs.

If you are a student at the University of Tübingen in a degree program at the department for Computer Science or the Graduate Training Center Neuroscience, and are interested in working with us (e.g. for a masters or bachelor thesis, research internship, essay rotation or as an SHK/Hiwi), please send an inquiry to, with subject “Inquiry: B.Sc. thesis/M.Sc. thesis/SHK/internship/etc at MLS Tübingen”.

Please include a i) current CV including a description of previous research/work experiences, ii) a transcript of all previous courses and grades, and iii) a brief statement of what research you want to do and why you want to join our group (ideally in English), iv) information about desired starting-dates (for planning purposes). We will respond to you if we have capacity to take on additional students.

Currently open projects and contact persons will be listed below.

We rarely have capacity to offer internships for external students, and are typically unable to respond to inquiries.

Open thesis and internship projects

We do not have any further open projects for this semester.