Four Abstracts at Cosyne!

The annual meeting on Computational and Systems Neuroscience is the most important conference for exchange of experimental and theoretical/computational approaches to problems in systems neuroscience. We are happy that all four of our submissions to the Cosyne Conference were successful this year, and will be presented at the conference. In addition, Artur and Jan-Matthis received travel grants.

On day 1 (February 23), Giacomo Bassetto will present his work on data-efficient receptive field estimation (I-27).

On day 2 (February 24), you are spoilt for choice between two posters from the group: In II-3, ``Flexible Bayesian inference for mechanistic models of neural dynamics’’ by Pedro Goncalves, Jan-Matthis Lueckmann, Giacomo Bassetto and Marcel Nonnenmacher, we are presenting an approach for making statistical inference possible and painless for any neuron model of your choice.

In II-77 ``Can serial dependencies in choices and neural activity explain choice probabilities?’’, Jan-Matthis Lueckmann’s work from our collaboration with Hendrikje Nienborg will investigate whether and how choice probabilities are affected by temporal dependencies.

On day 3 (February 25), check out Artur Speiser’s work with Srinivas Turaga and Evan Archer, on ``Amortized inference for fast spike prediction from calcium imaging data.’’– using deep learning to make generative-model based inference of action potentials much faster.